CKEditor is a ready-for-use HTML text editor designed to simplify web content creation. It's a WYSIWYG editor that brings common word processor features directly to your web pages. Enhance your website experience with our community maintained editor.

CKEditor values

CKEditor is an Open source application, which means it can be modified any way you want. It benefits from an active community that is constantly evolving the application with free add-ons and a transparent development process.


Download make the dependencies of CKEditor + ng-CKEditor and include in your project


<ng-ckeditor ng-model="htmlEditor" skin="moono" remove-buttons="Image" remove-plugins="iframe,flash,smiley" msn-count="
Number of typed characters:"></ng-ckeditor>



Name Type Dinamic Mandatory Description
ng-model String true true Scope of the attribute that will be the model
ng-change Function false false Callback function
ng-disabled Boolean true false Set ckeditor to readOnly
ng-config Object false false Receives a json object that is set to configuration object editor. This object must be created in AngularJS the controller and reported to the component.

Bower install de dependency

$ bower install ng.ckeditor --save

Module AngularJS include

angular.module('example', ["ng.ckeditor"]);